Racheland Designs


Embroidery for me has always been an adventure.. I began using ornamental stitches because - aged 15 - I was too impatient for the more classical satin stitch and long and short stitch. I continued using them because they were so much fun to do.

Different choices of thread can be used to create effects of light, shade and texture. A heavy, matte yarn might suggest a carved stone surface, while a shiny yarn suggests leather or satin, or the surface of water on a sunny day, or even the glaze on a vase.

The stitch choice can be as valuable. Braid stitch suggests something rich and ornate, pekinese stitch can be tightly worked or loosely worked, giving a heavy line in one case and a lacy filling stitch in another.

This Gallery shows a selection of my earlier designs and explorations, together with descriptions of the ideas behind them. Almost anything can be a sampler, I have found!